Friday, September 9, 2011

Darshan kannada actor wife Vijayalakshmi family Photos News

Vijayalakshmi With Darshan and son

Vijayalakshmi With Darshan and son

Vijayalakshmi Marriage Photos

Vijayalakshmi Latest News:

Darshan Kannada Actor wife Vijayalakshmi has been admitted on 09-09-2011 to ICU at Gayathri Nursing Home in Vijayanagar, Bangalore. According to the doctors, she has suffered multiple injures on her body and she will be kept in the ICU for two days, but their son has not suffered any injuries and he is safe. The rift in the seven year marriage of Darshan-Vijayalakshmi is not new. It is said that the two have been having differences for months now. While the reasons for the misunderstandings are not known, rumours of Darshan's 'affair' with his popular co-star Nikhita is being touted as the main reason, among other things. now the couple leading very happy life after this incidents.
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